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 Almighty_Llama Moderator Or Administrator Application

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PostSubject: Almighty_Llama Moderator Or Administrator Application   Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:15 am

Real Name: Nick
In-game Name: Almighty_Llama
Age: 16
Why Should I Be Moderator: I should be moderator for a number of reasons. Firstly i have experience in permissions and commands as i have setup and ran a server of my own, and i have been an admin on another server i have played on. Second reason is because i am a very helpful person, and i enjoy helping others. Third reason i never break the rules, i always enforce them and never abuse permissions.
Forth reason is i believe that i can help impove the server by anyway possible, whether from building to plugins (i am also a rather good builder). Fifth reason is i can help attract some new people to the server. I have friends on other servers, who will most likely join if i ask them to. And the last reason is i can help advertise. I am rather good at video editting, so i can make trailers for the server etc, and i know where to get more people. (i can make videos but i will need someone else to upload them to youtube as my channel is still small).
Country: UK
What I Have Done For The Server: I am quite new to the server , so i have not done much for it, but i believe that its not what i have DONE for it, its what i shall DO for it.
Do You Know How To Code: I Dont really understand this question, is it java coding or html? I know a little html, as i have got my own website, but i am a bit of a noob when it comes to java coding, although i do understand most of it.
Ever Been staff: As i have said in a previous question, i have ran my own server and have been an admin for an other.
How many people have you advertised: I advertised a little for teh server i was admin on but otherwise not many but i plan to change that.
have you donated: i have not donated but i may do in the future (when i get money Smile )

note: I have appilied for admin and moderator as i would prefer to be admin, plus i think i would be a good admin, but if not then hopefully you will allow me to be a moderator
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PostSubject: Re: Almighty_Llama Moderator Or Administrator Application   Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:28 am

Thats actually pretty good, i think you would get it but first we need you to be active and help players, and be on for a bit longer. You got a good chance.
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Almighty_Llama Moderator Or Administrator Application
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