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 KrackedKreeper's Moderator Application

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KrackedKreeper's Moderator Application Empty
PostSubject: KrackedKreeper's Moderator Application   KrackedKreeper's Moderator Application EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 5:30 pm

Age/name? : Adam 11

Did you give us a diamond? : Where? If i know where yes I will Very Happy

Why should you be a Moderator? : I love to help people who first join the server and have no clue what is going on, and I am a really good builder and am great with redstone logic and I do not approve of hackers OR griefers (even if they are my friends) and I will report or temp. ban on sight

What country you from? : United States of America

What have you done for the server? : I can't really say I've done much but I've helped new people from the server survive

You know how to code? : [Forums] Code what :3 ?

Ever been a staff? : I've been OP in a couple of servers and have never griefed. And an Moderator on a random server that was cool Very Happy that i joined

How many people have you advertised? : Like 2 or 3

Have you donated? :No...sorry I'm kind of poor D:
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KrackedKreeper's Moderator Application
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